Sound program

Presentation of the Sound section
Program details
  • Duration: 3 or 4 years
  • Curriculum: 6 semesters
  • Exchange semesters: possible
  • Seeking degree students: welcomed
  • Course language: french French
  • Location: Paris, Bordeaux
  • Tuition fees

Whether in film, TV or music, sound is an essential component of programmes, films, concerts and shows.

Sound is an integral part of the image. It adds rhythm, emotion, creates an atmosphere and conveys an audio message which complements the visual one. Through technological advances, sound now contributes increasingly to the quality of a production. In film, TV and performances, major emphasis is placed on sound.

The “sound programme” offered by 3iS aims to train the sound professionals of tomorrow, in various activities:

  • Music studio, concert sound engineering (recording, artistic mixing, setting up the sound system for a venue)
  • Television, film and radio (fictions, adverts, video games, audio recording, shooting, post-production)

The “Sound programme” takes place over 3 years. Students are admitted either directly into 1st year or after attending the foundation course.

One year to prepare yourself : foundation classes

The one-year program classes prepare  students to their future Bachelor’s studies in Cinema, Television, Sound and Journalism. The preparation program focus on developing creativity, technical skills in the field of cinema and media studies (history, film and television production,…) and film and television craft (writing, directing, photography, sound, recording and editing).

This program is implemented through 2 classes :

  •  “FFL Foundation Course” (“prépa FLE” in French), dedicated for international students who need to develop their skills in French language.
  • “Preparation Courses” (“classe prépa” in French), for French speaking students.

1st and 2nd year

The first two years of the programme are geared at acquiring the technical and scientific knowledge required for sound professions. These first two years involve theoretical classes and practical exercises (in all sound fields) with a view to guiding students to choose their specialisation in 3rd year. This 3-year programme includes several productions and internships.

3rd year: specialisation

  • Studio/Sound
  • Film/TV/Radio

Students in the Sound program can complete their last year of study in ‘Alternance’.

September – December 2019: initial training (tuition fees: € 3,000)
January – December 2020: Apprenticeship contract (Alternation rhythm : 1 week at school / 3 weeks at work

D.E.S.T.I.S: State-recognized diploma
The French Minitry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation has officially confirmed state recognition for 3iS SUP, has awarded state-recognized diploma status to the post-graduate D.E.S.T.I.S. degree (Post-graduate degree in Image and Sound Techniques) to 3iS SUP.

This is an acknowledgement of the teaching quality at 3iS as well as the high employment rate of our students.