Interior Design & Scenography program

Presentation of the Interior Design / Scenography Design section
Program details
  • Duration: 5 years
  • Curriculum: 10 semesters
  • Exchange semesters: possible
  • Seeking degree students: welcomed
  • Course language: french French
  • Location: Paris

The 5-year Interior Design – Scenography Master’s degree teaches students about production while also covering design and communication aspects. Nowadays, many professional agencies offer their clients comprehensive solutions.

1st year: foundation course in applied arts

This enables students to acquire a solid technical and artistic background. It focuses on acquiring knowledge and expertise essential to the field, and fundamental to further studies.

2nd and 3rd year: specialisation

These 2 specialisation years aim to teach students analytical skills enabling them to identify the intentions behind a brief andoff er relevant solutions to communicate and visually convey these intentions. The solutions students propose are assessed for consistency with the brief and their degree of responsibility throughout the design process is emphasized.

Students can specialise in either:

  • Interior design
  • Motion design

4th and 5th year:

Students gradually learn to stand on their own, having gained a broad perspective on Graphic design which combines technical and sociological aspects with creative input.

After completing these two years, students are eligible for employment by design agencies, and able to propose innovative projects to their customers in all fields of business.