Motion Design / Scenography

Bring your ideas to life!

The design industry has considerably growth with the digital age.

3is offers a Motion Design / Scenography degree in 3 years which is aimed at students attracted by video creation and animation.It gives shape and form to an idea, concept, identity or message.

1st year Motion Design / Scenography

Develop solid technical and artistic foundations

Focused on drawing and graphic design, the first year of the Motion Design / Scenography cycle is a decisive step in the student’s journey.

This first year is structured around four areas:

  • Drawing and representation techniques
    Transcribe an observed reality and acquire a graphic singularity.
  • Graphic design tools
    Raise awareness of the different areas of graphic design
  • Professional workshops
  • General Education
Drawing and representation techniques
Observation drawing | Documentary study
Drawing techniques
Graphic design tools
History of graphic arts
Semiology of the image and its representation
Graphical arguments
Professionnal workshops
Infographics: communication & illustration, Photoshop / illustrator / InDesign
Photography: technical handling, creative photography and studio
Professional English

2nd et 3rd year Motion design / scenography

Immerse in the professional world!

The 2nd and 3rd years of the Bachelor in Motion Design / Scenography prepare the student to respond to specific requests linked to the various sectors of visual communication: publishing, press, visual identity, advertising and webdesign. These two years are devoted to creating individual and group projects with strong graphic, animated, audiovisual and interactive content.

At the end of these three years, the students are titular of:
·180 ECTS credits
·Bachelor Bac+3
Vocational education
Creative studio: identity / message design, editorial
UX Design
3D Production / 4D Cinema
Video : After effects, Da Vinci Resolve
End of study project with presentation to a jury of professionals
Art education
Culture graphic design
Culture typography, cartoon
General Education
General culture