French as a Foreign Language (FFL) foundation course

The 3iS FFL foundation course (called, in France, “Prépa F.L.E. = Français Langue Etrangère”) affords students from all over the world the opportunity to assimilate gradually in the best way possible. It offers language learning in real-life situations, geared towards film, including vocabulary, techniques and history, with particular emphasis on practical exercises. This course allows foreign students to get to grips more easily with the specialised learning programmes they attend in common with French students. It is an intensive course designed to learn French while acquiring a cultural, technical and cinematographic background at the same time.

The following main subjects are covered:

  • Camera techniques
  • Professions in film
  • History of film
  • Film analysis
  • Film vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Understanding French films
  • Screenplay and storyboard creation
  • Music and sound atmosphere analysis
  • Participation in student life
  • Cultural outings

Academic advisers for the FFL course

Julie Beghelli
As a lecturer at Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas University, Julie Beghelli has been teaching for approximately ten years, in France and abroad (UK and South Korea). She specialises in teaching Asian students who come to France to prepare their tertiary education studies, as 3iS students do.

Brice Poulot-Dérache
As a lecturer at the prestigious Sorbonne University as well as the University of Bourgogne, Brice Poulot-Dérache has been teaching French to foreigners for ten years. He applies all his experience in teaching French in an industry context to the 3iS foundation course.

Advantages of 3iS

  • Inclusion of international students in the different programmes
  • Innovative approach to education which combines learning a language, discovering French culture and acquiring the technical and artistic basics of film