Directing & Scriptwriting Master Program

The objective of this Master is to discover new talents engaged into new forms of writing and filming and transmedia direction.
The Master of Arts Directing and Scriptwriting is accessible to students holding a Bac + 3, and aims the acquisition by students:

  • knowledge of scenario analysis and film analysis;
  • legal knowledge of copyright and contractual matters relating to the making of a film;
  • knowledge about the financing and production of a film;
  • scriptwriting practices (synopsis, dialogue continuity…);
  • links that may exist between documentary and fiction;
  • staging practices (from the preparation of a shoot, casting, through the direction of actors, by the choice of scenery, cutting and film device);
  • team working, respect the function and responsibility of each person involved in the filmmaking process.

The courses are taught by professionals from cinema sector, from theory courses to practical and technical courses. Students develop their expertise and finalize a personal project, which they can then complete.