Creative Industry Management Master program

The massive introduction of digital technologies has utterly transformed the creation, the production and the marketing of cultural and artistic contents. The evolution in the publishing, craftsmanship, film production or entertainment worlds require new managerial options. Management needs to integrate the new economic models, the new intercultural horizons, the new production and consumption patterns of intangible goods.

The “Creative Industries” are at a turning point of their history. They are constantly confronted to innovating currents, to challenging ideas and new developments. This points to growth and job creations in the field of creative industries thereby developing the need for qualied executives knowledgeable on the artistic, technological, economic and managerial levels. The joint program, offered by EDC Paris Business School and 3iS, meets the need for a hybrid training that links the elements of creativity, rigor, organization and audacity to the life of a product; from the concept to the finished product.

Program details
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Curriculum: 4 semesters
  • Exchange semesters: possible
  • Seeking degree students: welcomed
  • Course language:
    50% french French / 50% English English
  • Location: Paris
  • Tuition fees

Joint program at two prestigious schools

  • Classes alternate between both schools (every two weeks): the EDC Paris Business School in the business centre of the La Défense district and the 3iS campus in Elancourt in the Yvelines French department.
  • The 2-year program is taught in French and English.
  • Students who successfully complete the program are awarded a post-graduate degree from EDC Paris Business School (Master’s level) and a “Master of Arts” from 3iS.

Possible applications

The “Creative Industry Management” program opens the door to a range of managerial positions in the creative industry, including culture, media, fashion and film.

  • Culture industry: chief editor, event manager, corporate sponsorship manager, etc.
  • Media industry: production manager, programming manager, journalist, multimedia project manager, etc.
  • Fashion industry: product manager, communications and event manager, etc.
  • Film/TV industry: theatre manager, producer, etc

2- Year Program

YEAR 1: creativity, analysis of the production and economics of a multinational company, analysis of a creative work, advert creation, participation in a cultural event, economic and legal analysis of a creative work, audiovisual techniques, cultural event production.

YEAR 2, TERM 1: the entrepreneurial process, strategy (business intelligence, lobbying), business plan, project follow-up, dissertation methodology.

YEAR 2, TERM 2: final-year internship (24 weeks) and dissertation.