One school, three campuses

Paris campus

The Paris 3iS campus is situated in 2 buildings 500 metres apart, in the centre of the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (SQY) urban area community, which counts 230,000 inhabitants including 17,000 students. As the second business centre in France, SQY offers a dynamic, rapidly growing environment with 16,000 businesses, including the head offices of many multinational companies. Situated 24km from Paris and 10km from Versailles, the campus consists of two buildings easily accessible by public transport. The premises were specially designed to provide an optimal environment for training students in image and sound professions, and offer state-of-the-art equipment. The Paris campus is the largest audiovisual campus in Europe with over 12,000 m² dedicated to learning sound and image professions, including shooting sets, sound mixing studios, motion capture set, TV control room and set, radio studio and projection room. A shop on the 3iS premises run by a specialised team offers students permanent, organised access to professional equipment, consumables, devices and accessories.

  • 5 stages of 130m² with motion picture and lighting equipment
  • 1 Technical Theatre Arts stage of 300 m² with light and sound equipment
  • 2 writing rooms with computer terminals
  • A 300 seat screening room, with sound dampening, a 8mx5m wide screen, Full HD Christie and 4K Sony projection.
  • 5 drawing and art workshops (story boards and draft designs)
  • 40 editing suites including 35 virtual editing rooms with bi-boot Avid Media Composer et Final Cut Pro stations and 4 CTM film editing rooms
  • 7 multimedia rooms with 32 2D/3D animation workstations (Adobe, Maya, 3DS Max)
  • 7 specialization rooms for Production, Assistant Directors and script continuity, and multimedia journalism
  • 10 editing desks for audio (analog and digital) and digital audio postproduction (Genelec, HD Protools HD, micro studio material with more than 50 units : sound and public address system, analog and digital consoles, recorders with 24- track digital recorders)
  • 1 mobile high-tech video desk ( broadcast video desk and mobile video desk)
  • 1 sound studio (recording studio with a capacity for 12 musicians)
  • 10 lecture theaters of 72 seats each and 22 classrooms of 20 to 48 seats each
  • 1 250 m² store room where the equipment is stored, rented and maintained. There is a withdrawal counter, a test area and a delivery platform. The store room supplies cameras, storage numerical supports, projectors, lamps and gels, electrical equipment, boom microphones and accessories, travelling…
  • 1 technical maintenance workshop
  • 3 cafeterias in Wifi area, 2 with 250 seats each and 1 with 200 seats and opening on to a terrace

Bordeaux campus

Ranked the best city in France in terms of environment according to many local and international surveys, Bordeaux is a growing metropolis listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. It draws an increasing number of French and foreign students, both for the quality of life and the thriving business and cultural environment it offers. The Bordeaux campus lies in a new neighbourhood 10 minutes from the centre of Bordeaux which houses over 70 companies in the film and creative industries. This unique setting offers students ideal access to internships and facilitates educational projects involving professionals and cultural organisations in the region. The 2200 m² campus provides ideal conditions for learning image, sound and performing arts professions. The recently renovated premises include a 100 m² studio, two modular technical sets, two sound/vision control rooms as well as sound editing, synchronisation and computer rooms.

  • 20 classrooms of 20 to 46 seats
  • A 45 m² film and photo shooting stage
  • A 50 m² technical sound stage and a 74m2 multipurpose auditorium and 2 sound editing desks
  • 1 Protools HD sound mixing studio with 1 adjoining speak cabin
  • 4 virtual editing suites with 12 individual stations each
  • 1 computer room for technical theatre art equipped with Protools, Stardraw, Isadora, Vectorworks et Pure data software
  • 1 computer room to manage audiovisual production
  • 1 screening room with a HD Infocus 3500 lumens projector, a video server and 5.1 audio system
  • 1 test and maintenance workshop
  • 1 store room where technical audiovisual equipment – sound and light – is stored and rented


Lyon perfectly combines economic dynamism and quality of life. Ideally located between sea and mountains, it offers many opportunities for recreation and relaxation. It also has pleasant areas along its two rivers (the Rhône and Saône) and many green spaces, including the Parc de la Tête d’Or, one of the largest urban parks in France. The Lyon campus offers brand new premises, perfectly well served by public transportation.

You will find yourself only a few steps away from the very place where the Lumière brothers gave birth to the cinematograph in 1895! Not only is Lyon the birthplace of cinema, it is also home to the annual world-renowned festival of lights, where lighting and sound designers transform the whole town for a few enchanted days.

France’s 3rd largest city is also the heart of the dynamic Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, that hosts numerous image-related companies and creative industries, and makes Lyon an obvious choice for future cinema and sound professionals.

Representative office in China

In 2015, 3iS opened a permanent representation in China, making it the first French film school to opt for ambitious and lasting Franco-Chinese cooperation. This year, we are pursuing this goal through a partnership with a top school in Shanghai, situated in the heart of the business capital of China in order to train future Chinese directors, cameramen, editors and screenwriters in the « French style ».

We also hope to open up our programmes to film all over the world. France, for example, is the second largest exporter of films to China and a benchmark in the world of film. All our students are Ambassadors of Film.