Welcome to 3iS

Jean-Claude Walter - 3iS Director

Jean-Claude Walter – 3iS President

3iS is a profoundly international school. In a creative world that knows no borders, our students have a global outlook and we aim to attract the best students from all over the world.

This year, we were pleased to welcome around forty foreign students once more. Our groundbreaking foundation course offers non-French speakers an introduction to the vocabulary of the film and TV professions and the opportunity to continue their studies in our school afterwards. This French as a Foreign Language (FFL) course is attended by around twenty students.

In addition to film and TV, 3iS also offers training in digital animation, video games, performing arts and a Master of Arts program.

The French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation has officially confirmed state recognition for 3iS SUP Trappes and has awarded state-recognized diploma status to the postgraduate DESTIS degree (Post-graduate degree in Image and Sound Techniques) to 3iS SUP Trappes. This is an acknowledgement of the teaching quality at 3iS as well as the high employment rate of our students.

3iS also has RNCP title “Multimedia Director” Level I (Bac+5) for 2D / 3D Animation, Video Game and Design programs.

3iS is part of the Erasmus European network and a member of CILECT, the worldwide network of top film schools founded in 1954. This keeps it abreast of best practices and enables it to offer students access to a network of 180 schools in 65 countries.

In 2015, 3iS opened a permanent representation in China, making it the first French film school to opt for ambitious and lasting Franco-Chinese cooperation.

We make films for the same reasons we travel” , said American director Michael Cimino. So we wish you safe travels to 3iS.

4 reasons to come and study in france and at 3iS

    France is the number 3 destination for foreign students, after the USA and the UK, as well as the world’s top tourist destination. Situated in the heart of Europe, France is also a cultural hub with connections to major neighbouring capitals (London, Madrid, Berlin…). With one campus near Paris and two others in Bordeaux and Lyon, 3iS offers a particularly appealing setting for learning, enabling students to study and discover the culture of France and the art of living, French style.
    France offers students the opportunity to pursue high-level studies recognised the world over at more aff ordable rates than in most English-speaking countries. It has a long-standing tradition of taking in students from all over the planet. 3iS has had an international outlook from the outset, as confirmed by its name, International Institute of Image & Sound.
    The infrastructures of private schools in France offer students an optimal professional environment. French art schools and degrees are also recognized all over the world, particularly in film and animation.
    The 3iS campuses, in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon, are also situated near the head offices of major companies and infrastructures which facilitate accommodation and transport.
    In addition to relatively low fees, foreign students also enjoy free access to many social benefits available to French citizens, including housing grants, social security coverage, and preferential rates for transport. At 3iS, our International department is dedicated to helping you settle in as soon as you arrive.

Studying at 3iS enables you to

  • LEARN professions on the largest audiovisual campus in Europe (15 000 m²), spread over three campuses in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon.
  • ACCESS a professional environment and state-of-the-art technology to learn image and sound professions (projection room, shooting set, TV and radio studio, motion capture set…).
  • COMPLETE recognized courses resulting in a qualification and which are listed on the RNCP (French National Professional Certification Directory).
  • ENJOY enriching internships throughout your study program.
  • MAXIMISE your chances of employment: 3iS graduates enjoy high employment rates (87%).
  • LEARN professions with working professionals, who alternate between their jobs and teaching at the school.
  • STUDY in a pleasant environment 20km from Paris (with accommodation in a student residence) or near Bordeaux and Lyon city centres.