Introduction to Motion Capture

First contact with Motion Capture for the international students of the FFL (French as a Foreign Language) program.

The first week of 2020 was the opportunity for the international students of the FFL program to get an introduction class to Motion Capture thanks to Valérie de Palma, E.Motion Capture Academic Coordinator at 3iS.

After an overall course about the history of the subject, the students went further by creating their own 3D avatar using Autodesk Character Generator. Morphology, hairstyle, face, skin color or even clothing, everything was up to them to come up with a character.

Once their avatar put together, they were taught how to equip one another as they embodied dancers in the 120-m²-motion-capture studio. Their skeletons were created and their movements captured through Vicon Blade.


As they started performing and repeating moves, their avatar came to life with Motion Builder which allowed them to watch live their characters on the screen. A great and fun reward after all the technical teaching.