Two weeks of workshop in Shanghai

From June 17 to 28, 3iS speakers led workshops in Shanghai. These workshops were organized at the SPPC university, a partner of 3iS, for students in the Cinema & Audiovisual and Animation sectors. Back in pictures on these two weeks of learning.

International Partnerships

3iS has partnered with Shanghai Publishing Print College (SPPC) in Shanghai to leverage the expertise of 3iS in International Cinema and Animation. It is also an opportunity for the school to share its experience with this Chinese university, offering themselves courses and training programs in these sectors.

Each year, 3iS speakers organize on-site workshops for students from the SPPC University. From June 17 to 28, Camille Béglin, Patricia Thibault and Benoit Bedrossian were in Shanghai to lead workshops around the Cinema & Audiovisual and Animation sectors.

Two weeks of workshop

These workshops are an opportunity for Chinese students to deepen their technique and improve their practice of French.

Film & Audiovisual students met director Camille Béglin, who graduated from 3iS in 2017. Lenny, her short end-of-studies film, was selected in 33 festivals around the world and won 6 prizes. a special mention.


The Animation students worked with Benoit Bedrossian.