Summer School at 3iS

Summer School at 3iS

3iS offers each summer Discovery Trainings and as well Specific Trainings in the fields of Film & TV and also in Animation and Video Game.

Discovery Trainings allow students to become familiar with the different aspects of Film or Animation and Video Game from the very beginning.

The Specific Trainings are intended more for students who already have a knowledge base and want to deepen them in a “French” atmosphere.

These courses are also lined with cultural visits, studios visits and conferences. In July from 2 to 3 weeks Housing and different option available under request.

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What about, filming your own movie in Paris?

You wish to learn filming in the heart of one of the world’s most inspiring and beautiful cities?
This course is for you!

Program: Discovery Program Filmmaking
– 1 week (July 8th to 12th)

Objective: To make a fiction film in teams and in stages, from writing to editing. This internship is intended for beginner students, having no or little technical skills in cinema. Our goal is to discover the general framework of the production of a short fiction film, the stages through which to pass, the trades and roles of the cinema. Our ambition is about to give you the desire to make cinema, while giving the keys of understanding of the cinematographic creation, in a playful frame. Each film crew consists of 4 to 7 students, who shoot at each station: director, camera, perch man, actors, assistant director. At the end of the internship, each student is made to edit one of the films produced, in pairs or alone according to their choice.

Day 1: Introduction to the rules of dramaturgy and presentation of the project, script writing, taking control of the shooting equipment
Day 2: Finalization of scenarios, handling of sound recording equipment
Day 3: Shooting
Day 4: Editing image and sound
Day 5: Finalization of the editing, viewing in the cinema hall of the school

PriceOption Tourist ActivitiesOption Housing
1 200€1 400€1 900€

Program: Discovery Program Animation and Video Game
– 1 week (July 8th to 12th)

Why ?
Know the stages of production of an animated film, understand the game design by building a game level, understanding the video game and animation professions.

What is the goal ?
3iS offers you to produce a level of video game, step by step. You will also make an animated movie sequence.

PriceOption Tourist ActivitiesOption Housing
1 200€1 400€1 900€

Program: Make your own documentary
– 2 weeks (July 1st to 12th)

Objective: Shoot a documentary film in France; to meet a territory, a culture shared between tradition and modernity. Paris is both the city of light, the city of
monuments and museums, a millennial history, and it is also the capital of the 6th world economy. It is especially the place of a certain art of living, everywhere envied, terraces of bistrots to stroll on the banks of the Seine.

French documentaries have a singular place in world production: less formatted, more creative, they are among the few in the world to benefit from an international diffusion. Politics, history, nature, society, arts, docu-fiction: the French touch addresses all documentary genres and decompartmentalizes them. In 2017, the 56 French documentary films that were distributed in cinemas outside France accumulated 21 million admissions.

Our goal is to guide students in audiovisual, film or journalism, with the first concepts in shooting technique and writing, through a documentary project or reportage in the Paris
region, from production to editing. Each film crew consists of 3 to 4 students, who can make one or two films depending on the complexity of their projects. Each student has the opportunity to work on each position of a reporting team: director, camera, perch man, assistant director, then editing.

PriceOption Tourist ActivitiesOption Housing
1 900€2 100€2 800€

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