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News from graduates: Olympe Star Films

A growing number of 3iS graduates are embarking on the venture of business creation, often in association with other alumni of the school. The production company Olympe Star Film is an example.

Olympe Star Films

olympe star filmsFounded in 2009, Olympe Star Films is a great example of cooperation between 3iS graduates.

First created in an associative form, this structure was born from the desire of students of the school to invest and develop an experience of their profession. Its formula: to produce institutional films in order to be able to realize projects of fictions.

6 years later, Olympe Star Film develops and becomes a full-fledged audiovisual production company specializing in documentary and fiction production for French-language platforms and television. The founder Guillaume Quetel (3iS promo 2012), as well as Mathilde Rose (3iS promo 2012), Benjamin Denoyer (3iS promo 2012), Charline Evrard (2012 3iS promo), Antoine Dumats (3iS promo 2017) are at the controls.

They bring their video experience to companies in all sectors of activity, and support young European talent in their desires for documentaries and fiction.
By directly managing the production and post-production processes, Olympe Star Films is able to ensure creativity and quality throughout the life cycle of its films and television projects.
Today, the company has produced or co-produced several documentaries and dramas and wishes to continue its development and thus, continue to give life to its superb projects.

The Room

the room affiche 2Olympe Star Films is surrounded by young French and European talents that it supports especially in the field of short film and web series.

On April 12 at 6 pm, their last production “The Room” will be screened at 3iS Paris, in the presence of the directors.

The alumni of the school will be able to share their experience with the students.

The Room is a web series whose subject is a place.
It consists of 12 episodes of 2 to 10 minutes, centered on 3 places.
Each episode is a carte blanche to an author / director, who imagines a story that he must shoot in 24 hours.

The directors of The Room are: Mathilde Rose (3iS promo 2012), Camille L’Héritier (3iS promo 2012), Guillaume Quetel (3iS promo 2012), Yann Baron (3iS promo 2012), Hugo Bréant (3iS promo 2012), Nicolas Durand (3iS promo 2012), Thibault Gilles (3iS promo 2012), Quentin Herlemont (3iS promo 2012), Pierre Neveu (3iS promo 2012), Julien-Leo Wolfenstein, Laurence-Pauline Boileau, Marie Ceccon.