3iS in the heart of ceremonies

With its pedagogical teaching focused on professional practice, 3iS Paris has forged over the years, institutional partnerships with the Academy of Arts and Techniques of Cinema (Academie des César), the Academie des Lumières, Le Film Français and the Club Audiovisuel de Paris.

For 10 years, the Academy of Arts and Techniques of Cinema has trusted 3iS, for the quality, relevance and recognition of our training in the field of film and audiovisual.

We deploy our teams on all the events organized around the César, namely: the evening César & Technique, the evening César & Revelations, the press conference for the announcement of nominations, the lunch of the nominees, the evening of the Producers – Daniel Toscan du Plantier, to finish with the Ceremony of César.

In partnership with the Académie des Lumières for the seventh year in a row, 3iS produces the Ceremony in full, by mobilizing more than 70 students in Cinema & Audiovisual and Sound, but also in Spectacle & Event and Audiovisual Journalism for capturing staging, sound, lighting and coverage of the event on social networks.

The Film Français has also trusted for several years, the students of 3iS for the capture of the ceremony of presentation of the Trophies of the French Film, which took place on February 5th at the Palais Brongniart.

Finally, the Club Audiovisuel de Paris reaffirmed this year again our institutional partnership, by entrusting our students in Cinema & Audiovisual, Sound and Audiovisual Journalism, capturing the interviews of the laureates during the ceremony of Lauriers.