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Portrait of International Alumni : Mofei

Mofei, Chinese, graduated from 3iS in 2014 in Cinema and Audiovisual specialization editing. He stayed one year in France after finishing his studies and then created an audiovisual film company with his friends in China.

What impresses you the most during your studies at 3IS?

spécialisation montage 3iSTeachers and life in France. I still remember our color correction teacher. He was very kind to us.

Also, the editing manager Eric Dinkian, was very kind to us. He helped me a lot. I had questions and he always had patience. I am very grateful to him.

I was not very good in French because I had only learned six months of languages before taking classes with French classmates. So I really had difficulties in the beginning, and especially for courses like film analysis, productions that require a level of writing. I had bad grades. But I was pretty good in practice, for editing courses that requires filming or making productions, I felt good. The teachers helped me, and finally I got my diploma.
They are very professional, they like their work and also a respect for their work.

Do you have internship or work experience while studying at 3iS?

Yes, I have several internship experiences. I did my internship at Phonenix TV Europe, and also other companies in China and France before finishing my studies.

During my stay in France, I also photographed and made editing for Chinese media coming to France for events, and photographs of personal weddings.

What are you doing as a job now?

I’m creating an audiovisual movie business with friends. Our company makes photographs, editing and productions, etc…
In all, everything related to editing, photography and production, we can do.

Do you think life in France has influenced you a lot?

Yes of course. I think it’s the same for all students studied in France. More or less, France influences them.

The field of cinema in France differs a lot than the one in China. When I came back to China, I was not even used to it.

Do you have words to share for international students who are still studying at 3IS?

Newly arrived students in France should really talk more with their classmates. Most are very nice and they like to communicate with you. Must be less shy and more active.