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Portrait of International Alumni : LIU Xuefei

LIU Xuefei, Chinese, graduated from 3iS in 2015 from Cinema and Audiovisual-Option Son. She returned to China in 2016 and now working in a media company as an image editor and photographer.

When did you learn French? When did you start your studies at 3iS?

After finishing high school, I learned French for a year and I continued to learn language in Amiens (the FLE class at the University of Amiens) for 8 months.

Then I went to FLE class at 3iS, and I continued my 3 years of license of audiovisual cinema at 3iS.

Do you have any internship experiences while studying at 3IS?

Yes the first time it was in second year of license during the winter holidays, I did my internship at Flam Studio. The job was to observe the work of music recorders, music mixers and sound editors of big movies.

I also worked at Watt Studio in Area 92 for the last year of the license. I edited sound for children’s shows and reality TV shows.

Do you think life in France has influenced you a lot?

Yes, the culture is very different.

For example, I now prefer the French friendly relations, because we also keep a distance even if we are very close friends. In China, if you are very close, this is not really the case.

I have a good impression of France. The only thing that is not good is that the French administration is working too slow, not efficient. For foreigners it is not practical… but I did it !

If I had the chance again, I would choose France again.

What are you doing as a job now?

I am now working in a media company as an image editor and photographer now. I do everything I can do now.
However, I like the work of sound. I found another company and I will work as a sound editor from the year 2019.

Do you have words to share for international students who are still studying at 3IS?

You absolutely must not be shy. You will never progress French if you do not speak French. Work and listen to your friends and teammates and you will get used to life more easily in France.