Every year, 3iS organises workshops to learn about the different image and sound professions.


  • 6 to 10 February 2017 (5 days)
  • 3 to 7 April 2017 (5 days)
  • 17 to 28 July 2017 (5 or 10 days)

Duration: 5 or 10 days from 9h30 to 17h30

Place: Élancourt campus – Pascal building

Price: €500 TTC (5 days) or €980 TTC (10 days)

To apply, please contact Sébastien Le Belzic by email :

Film picto-cav-32x32Film-making Workshop : Make your own movie (in English)
Dive into the heart of a movie shoot while perfecting your English. The goal is to discover and understand behind-the-scenes a shoot and learn to use a professional camera.
Filière Son picto-son-32x32Studio sound & sound design : Produce your own title (in French)
Discover the professions of sound through the sound-design and the recording of a group of music in studio. You will have the opportunity to work in professional conditions and to introduce you to sound-design and computer-assisted music.
vlcsnap-error445 picto-anm-32x32Digital Animation: Getting Started with Stop-Motion (in French)
Discover animation by frame, a first playful and experimental approach to the animated film. This initiation course is the opportunity to work the movement through matter color and space. Develop your creativity and imagination.
level-designer picto-jeu-32x32Video games: Create your own video game (in French)
Enter the universe of building a video game. Each trainee creates the basics of a video game: rules, characters, sets, animations, sound … Discover the game designer profession and learn about software: Game Maker, Photoshop and Audacity.


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