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The performing arts and event management industries are undergoing major changes, leading to greater numbers of shows and events and higher attendance levels at venues. New technology plays an important role and advances in digital technology and video require young professionals to have proven technical skills.

3iS offers 2 programmes in this field:

  • Performing Arts Technician
  • Performing Arts and Event Production Manager

Performing Arts Technician (2-year programme)

Program details

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Curriculum: 4 semesters
  • Exchange semesters: possible
  • Seeking degree students: welcomed
  • Course language: French
  • Location: Paris, Bordeaux
  • Tuition fees

Over their 2 years of training, performing arts technicians participate in the production ofartistic performances, taking on board the specific technical and regulatory requirements of theproduction and broadcast venues utilised.

By working hand in hand with professionalsin the industry, 3iS offers students a broad vision of the professions and fieldsin which jobs are available (theatre, dance, opera, contemporary music, circus, events, etc.).

Students acquire the skills to prepare, install, operate, dismantle and perform elementary maintenance onsound and lighting equipment.


Performing Arts and Event Production Manager (undergraduate 3-year programme)

Program details

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Curriculum: 6 semesters
  • Exchange semesters: possible
  • Seeking degree students: welcomed
  • Course language: French
  • Location: Paris
  • Tuition fees

The role of the production manager follows on from that of the performing arts technician. Production managers are requiredto master all technical and organisational aspects of a show or cultural event.

The training programme is over 3 years.

The performing arts and event production manager intervenes before, duringand after each performance or event they oversee.

Before, they study the feasibility of the project, and design, prepare and organise the technical equipmentrequired for the performance or event. During the performance or event, they coordinate, direct and oversee the running of the event. Afterwards, they supervise the dismantling, storage, upkeep and maintenance of the technical equipment.

Advantages of 3iS

  • Equipment available to learn about sound, lighting and sets (300m²)
  • Actual productions produced by students attending 3iS part time or through events organised at the school (festivals, open stages, etc.)

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