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picto-edc-32x32 Master program in Creative Industries Managment

Why the Creatives Industries?

Program details

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Curriculum: 4 semesters
  • Exchange semesters: possible
  • Seeking degree students: welcomed
  • Course language: English
  • Location: Paris
  • Tuition fees

The massive introduction of digital technologies has utterly transformed the creation, the production and the marketing of cultural and artistic contents. The evolution in the publishing, craftsmanship, film production or entertainment worlds require new managerial options. Management needs to integrate the new economic models, the new intercultural horizons, the new production and consumption patterns of intangible goods.

The « Creative Industries » are at a turning point of their history. They are constantly confronted to innovating currents, to challenging ideas and new developments. This points to growth and job creations in the field of creative industries thereby developing the need for qualied executives knowledgeable on the artistic, technological, economic and managerial levels. The joint program, offered by EDC Paris BS and 3iS, meets the need for a hybrid training that links the elements of creativity, rigor, organization and audacity to the life of a product; from the concept to the finished product.


Two schools combine their expertise

A Master program 100% taught in English.

EDC Paris Business School

EDC Paris Business School delivers a Master’s Degree approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education and is regularly ranked among the top post-secondary Business Schools. Founded in 1950 and owned by its Alumni, EDC Paris BS provides teachings in all fields of management with a predilection for innovating programs.
EDC Paris BS is widely recognized for its expertise in entrepreneurship. It is located in the heart of the business district of La Défense.

« Creativity is a fundamental skill for an executive and the essence of entrepreneurship. It was only natural for the « Creative Industry Management » major of our Masters’ program to draw on the expertise of 3iS, an institute reputed for its know-how in the technical and artistic fields »

Jean-Marcel Jammet

Institut International de l’Image et du Son

Founded more than 25 years ago by two film industry professionals, the « Institut International de l’Image et du Son » is today recognized as one of the most notable institutes in its domain. The St. Quentin-en-Yvelines based facilities represent the biggest European campus devoted to cinema, audiovisual, digital animation and performing arts professions. Every year the school trains nearly 300 image and sound professionals who are employed directly by cultural and creative industries at operational production positions.

« The growth of digital technology has deeply modified film production and audiovisual practices and, more broadly, culture in general. New relationships are evolving among the players of the industry and this, on the economic and managerial levels. We are pleased to be able to count on the expertise of EDC Paris Business School to train the future actors of creative industries »

Jean-Claude Walter

Master program in Creative Industries Management : key facts

Tuition fees

8 960€/year (+1500€ for students out of European Union)

The objectives

This program delivers the essential technical and managerial skills needed in the field of Creatives Industries. Its multidisciplinary scope enables students to follow managerial courses (project management, business law, accounting, communication) as well as artistic production courses (editing, script, musical publications, live shows…).

Major assets

  • A faculty composed of field professionals
  • A double major: technical and managerial
  • Professional hands-on experiences
  • Cutting edge technological work tools (Motion Capture studio, Television set, etc.)
  • Professional encounters and network building via lectures, festivals, visits…
  • A six-month professional immersion
  • An extraordinary study trip (optional)

Two campus ready to welcome you

At the heart of La Défense

Founded in 1950, EDC Paris Business School is the oldest French private Business School. EDC Paris Business School is located at the heart of Europe’s N°1 business district and it offers students a high level general training granting a Master’s degree. EDC Paris BS is an independent « Grande Ecole » business school. Its specificity is that it is owned by business leaders all alumni, who have made of « the entrepreneurial spirit » the center of its educational strategy and the springboard of innovation for students.

EDC Paris BS students can benefit from the inuential network of its 14,000 alumnis. The Force EDC association provides internships, business assignments and job opportunities. EDC Paris Business School choice location places it close to the center of the capital. Most Parisian cultural and leisure venues are a short distance away by public transport.

On Europe’s biggest audiovisual campus

3iS is the biggest European campus devoted to the creative industries. Located 24 km from Paris and 10 km from Versailles, this privileged site is favorable to the realization of pedagogical projects. The 10,500 squared meter premises harbor a motion capture studio, 4 film sets, 1 television set, 1 projection room, 1 live performing arts stage etc. 3iS students have at their disposal professional equipment that is regularly updated and that can be used in the course of school or personal projects.

St. Quentin-en-Yvelines has all the amenities of a University town to charm its 16,000 students: associative life, cultural events and numerous leisure activities in the vicinity.


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