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picto-cav-32x32 Film & Television program

Program details

  • Duration: 3 or 4 years
  • Curriculum: 6 semesters
  • Exchange semesters: possible
  • Seeking degree students: welcomed
  • Course language: French
  • Location: Paris, Bordeaux
  • Tuition fees

Our Film and Television section produces professionals in line with the needs of the market. With its impressive array of regularly updated equipment, 3iS offers students and teachers an ideal framework for learning and teaching film and TV professions.

The « Film-TV » programme takes place over 3 or 4 years. Students are admitted either directly into 1st year or after attending the foundation course.

One year to prepare yourself : foundation classes

The one-year program classes prepare  students to their future Bachelor’s studies in Cinema, Television, Sound and Journalism. The preparation program focus on developing creativity, technical skills in the field of cinema and media studies (history, film and television production,…) and film and television craft (writing, directing, photography, sound, recording and editing).

This program is implemented through 2 classes :

  •  « FFL Foundation Course » (« prépa FLE » in French), dedicated for international students who need to develop their skills in French language.
  • « Preparation Courses » (« classe prépa » in French), for French speaking students.

1st year

During this general year, students create 3 main group productions (techniques, report and fiction) in which they play a different role in each project. The workshops and group productions are always overseen by working professionals, who emphasize the demands and realities of real-life working conditions. This practical experience enables students to try out different professions to help them choose their specialisation (2nd and 3rd year).

2nd and 3rd year: specialisations

Leading on from the first year of compulsory courses, the two specialisation years are designed to enable students to acquire the artistic and technical skills necessary to pursue a profession.

  • Camera
  • Editing
  • Production
  • Direction assistance / Script supervision
  • Screenplay writing
  • Directing
  • Broadcast Journalism

Students productions

> Check out all student productions of this program.

Advantages of 3iS

  • More than 30 years’ experience in film and TV professions through an active network of alumni and partner companies
  • Educational approach based on artistic projects to be completed throughout the programme (reports, portraits, documentaries, clips, fictions, series, etc.)

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