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International Institute for Image and Sound

Founded in the 1980s, the « Institut International de L’Image et du Son » (the International Institute for Image and Sound) is a private technical higher education school and it is the largest audiovisual campus in France and in Europe.

Most courses are recognized by the French State (Ministry of Labour, Employment and Professional Training), 3iS’ qualifications are registered on the National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP).

With an infrastructure of approximately 14000 m², divided into the Paris campus 3iS and the Bordeaux campus 3iS, 3iS Film School is a prestigious school and the first European higher education school entirely devoted to creative industries.

3iS has founded its reputation on a pedagogical approach based on practice and on hands-on experience in professional situations. Each option includes workshops, productions by students, training periods and partnerships. The students work in a professional technical environment, the equipment is regularly renewed.

3iS has provided 10000 professionals with continuous training and nearly 4000 professionals with initial training, so that it can rely on a dynamic network of working professionals.

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Institut International Image & Son
4 rue Blaise Pascal
78990 Élancourt
Tel. +33 1 61 37 34 94
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Institut International Image & Son
rue des Terres Neuves
33130 Bègles
Tel. +33 5 56 51 90 30
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