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3iS is part of the Erasmus programme.

3iS actively strives to expand abroad for two reasons:

  • The quality of French film is internationally renowned
  • The diversity of international film is a source of inspiration, both artistically and technically

Every year, 3iS teaches around one hundred foreign students of about fifteen nationalities.

Such diversity on campus is a real advantage to students throughout their training.

Students take part in group course work and productions entirely in English.



3iS is a member of CILECT, the International Association of Film and Television Schools.

CILECT aims to encourage dialogue and international cooperation among its members, consisting of the best private and state-owned film and TV schools in seventy countries. It also strives to explore the potential of new technology for education.

3iS is also a member of GEECT (European Grouping of Film and Television Schools), the European division of CILECT.

campus france


3iS is a member of Campus France, a French agency which promotes higher learning, hosting of foreign students and study abroad.

Campus France is overseen jointly by the French ministers of Foreign Affairs and Higher Education.

The main goals of Campus France are to promote the French higher education system abroad and run major programmes for study abroad.

3iS is also a member of Campus Art, an art school network run by Campus France.

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